August Paulsen

August "Gus" Paulsen

Paulsen initially began his career working in the dairy industry but his true interests were focused in the mountains of the Coeur d’ Alenes district.  In these mountains productive mining claims were making miners rich.  Paulsen worked hard to save $850.00 and by 1895 was able to purchase a quarter stake in the Hercules mining claim.  

Paulsen and his partners were all from the ‘working class’ background and their claim was considered “essentially a poor man’s mine” as was stated in a Spokesman-Review article written in 1927.  The partners, lacking capital, manually performed all the mining labor tasks: digging, drilling, shoring, hauling etc… All was done by hand.  After manually drilling 1500 feet, the miners finally struck ore in 1901.  The ore strike proved to be the best in the district.  Ultimately the Hercules mine provided approximately 6% of the nations lead and some silver as well.  The mine was in operation until its closure in 1925.

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