J.N. Glover

James N. Glover (1837-1921)

Recognizing the investment potential, J. Glover purchased 160 acres and a Sawmill from two squatters toward the later part of the 1800’s.  Later Glover would become one of Spokane’s first mayors and first bankers.

Glover was instrumental in urging others to settle in Spokane Falls (a lawyer, a merchant, a doctor and a missionary) giving them land to help them make their start.  Glover helped to plan our beautiful Spokane early on and did not give up hope after the big fire of 1889.  Glover stayed on to help rebuild Spokane out of brick and stone making it better than before. 

During the recession of 1893; trying to save the First National Bank of Spokane from collapse, Glover not only lost all of his money but also lost his home.  In spite of this loss, he never gave up hope that things would get better and indeed he was right.  The country and Spokane survived the financial collapse.   He was truly a community leader and the “Father of Spokane.”

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