Louis Davenport

Llewellyn Marks "Louis" Davenport (1869-1951)

Louis Davenport, a young man of twenty years arrives in Spokane the spring of 1889 just a few months before the Great Fire of Spokane leveled much of the city.  Prior to the fire Davenport worked in a restaurant owned by his uncle.  Seeing the business opportunity; after the fire, Davenport opened his own business.  With $125.00 he purchases a waffle iron, tent and a sign and so his career begins. 

It was not long before the Davenport restaurant was the most renowned restaurant in the Northwest.  A wide variety of celebrities were soon traveling to dine at the Davenport restaurant. With the growing popularity of his restaurant, came the addition of more dining rooms, a larger kitchen and ballrooms. 

In 1906 Davenport was approached by Spokane businessmen to build and oversee a large luxurious hotel.  He agreed and soon was enlisting the financial backing of W.H. Cowles, publisher of the Spokesman-Review and the Spokane Daily Chronicle as well as the amazing skills of architect Kirtland Cutter.  The Davenport Hotel was brought to fruition opening its doors on September 17, 1914.  The hotel occupied and entire city block from Post to Lincoln streets and Sprague to First avenues.

Louis Davenport sold his establishment in 1945 but continued to hold an active role in the civic life of Spokane until his death in 1951 at the age of 83.

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