FAQ's about Funerals and Memorial Services

Q:  Why have a funeral or memorial service?

A:  Through testaments of time; Fairmount Memorial recognizes that a funeral or a memorial service plays an important role in the mourning process; providing a safe, caring and supportive environment for family and friends to share feelings and thoughts; the critical first steps of the healing process.  A ‘Rite of Passage’; just as a child is welcomed into the world, as a couple unites; the closing celebration of a life lived is well deserved.  Whether traditional burial or cremation, the rite of a funeral or memorial service can gently embrace the bereaved with:

  • Social support
  • A gentle haven for the expression of grief
  • A  supportive pathway to rejoin ones community
  • The time needed to say good-bye
  • Closure

These are just a few tiny yet giant steps towards moving forward in life.


Q:  What type of memorial service should be planned?

A:   At Fairmount Memorial, we know that the needs and desires of each family are as unique as they are special.  Memorial celebrations should meet the needs and customs of the surviving family.  Religious preferences and family traditions may influence whether the service will be private or public, simple or more elaborate, as well as the chosen location.

Other decisions made by the family are:

  • Is there a chapel to hold our service?

  • Will the casket be open or closed?

  • Will the remains be buried or cremated?

  • May we witness the lowering?

  • Can the family participate and how?

  • Will remains be entombed in a grave or crypt?

  • Will cremated remains be buried in a grave or interred in a niche?


Q:  Can I pre-arrange for my funeral service?

A:   Yes, Fairmount Memorial recommends pre-arrangement.  Making ones final arrangements in advance will not only insure that your wishes are met but will also relieve family members of making emotionally difficult decisions when they are suffering from a loss.  Through the process of prearrangement, pre-funding will insure that funeral expenses will be paid for; with arrangements being made at a time when ones financial setting is more predictable.  Pre-planning; a gift to loved ones, easing the burden for those left behind.  To learn more, see our Planning Ahead page.


“Our Fairmount Memorial family is committed to ‘lending the helping

hand’. . .

. . . to assist in easing the path of a difficult journey.”




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