Floral Plan/Guidance

Thank you for your assistance in the efforts to maintain the overall beauty of our cemeteries.

  • Beginning February 1, 2013 only fresh flowers will be permitted on all indoor mausoleum (crypt) and columbarium (niche) structures.  This includes all vases on crypt and niche fronts, the top surfaces of structures and placements at ground level. 
  • Stickers, taped pictures or other materials are not permitted on niche and crypt shutters. 
  • Fairmount reserves the right to remove such items; fresh flowers will be removed by cemetery staff when they become unsightly.

Other Cemetery Floral Placements

  • Fresh flowers may be placed in the cemetery any time. 
  • Artificial flowers are allowed on the cemetery plots and outdoor mausoleum and columbarium structures between November 1st and March 1st. 
  • For Holiday/Seasonal floral policy please refer to our Cemetery Guidelines.


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