Woodlawn Cemetery

909 S. Thierman Road
Spokane, WA  99212
(509) 926-2753

Woodlawn Cemetery a small 2 acre cemetery is located on the western edge of the Spokane Valley.  Ths cemetery was established in 1888 as Englewood Cemetery.  Originally founded by the Methodist Church and later abandoned, the property came under the control of Spokane County.  In July of 2000, Spokane County deeded the property to Fairmount Memorial Association with the promise that we would turn it into a viable cemetery.  Today Woodlawn Cemetery is a picturesque park set among a local neighborhood.   

Cremation Options at Woodlawn Cemetery

For those choosing cremation and desiring a final resting place nestled in a community neighborhood, Woodlawn Cemetery emanates a sense of peace.

  • Glade Patio Cremation Lawn

  • Sylvan Niches

Casketed Option

  • Ground Burial

Woodlawn Cemetery offers casketed burial in a peaceful neighborhood park setting.

Woodlawn Cemetery Staff

Isaac Freebairn 

Tim Cihal

Family Service Representative Family Service Representative
(509) 926-2753 (509) 926-2753
Services: Cremation Traditional / Casketed
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