Planning Ahead

Why is it important to pre-plan?

Prearranging ones cemetery and funeral plans in advance allows for the opportunity to compare the many available options and to insure that one’s wishes are met.   Doing so will also relieve family members of making emotionally difficult decisions when they are suffering from a loss.  Through the process of pre-arrangement, pre-funding will insure that funeral expenses will be paid for; with arrangements being made at a time when ones financial setting is more predictable.  Pre-planning is a true and gentle gift to loved ones, easing the burden for those left behind.

  • "A Family's Private Decision"  

Three questions frequently asked:

Q:  If I have already purchased my property, can I still pre-pay for my burial and funeral service?

A:  Yes, pre-arrangements can still be made for the burial and funeral service.


Q:  Are payment options available for those choosing to “pre-plan”?

A:  Yes, payment options are available.


Q:  What happens if I have purchase property and I decide to move?

A:  The actual dollar value can be transferred to any ICCFA participating cemetery or you may choose to sell the property privately.  Please contact us for additional information.


For more information on how to “Pre-Plan”, please contact one of our Family Service Representatives at the office of your choice.

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