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Fairmount Memorial Association understands the importance and value of celebrating a life well lived.  To meet the needs of our community, we offer a variety of options for casketed entombment.

Indoor Options for Traditional Services

Indoor casketed entombment offers lasting tribute with protection from the weathering elements of nature.

Sunset Chapel

Sunset Chapel/Mausoleum is located at Fairmount Memorial Park.  Sitting on the rim rock high above the Spokane River, it possesses a breath taking view of Riverside State Park and the Spokane River below.  This mausoleum offers both crypts and glass front niches in a peaceful resting place with the tranquil sounds of running water below. Please take a look at our Sunset Chapel Gallery to learn more about these options. 

Riverside Mausoleum

Beautifully set among the trees, Riverside Mausoleum built in 1931 was in its day  a final resting place for the elite.  Today, still a beautifully maintained catacomb designed with exquisite Roman Travertine marble it is still available to provide a place of memorialization.  Within the Mausoleum at Riverside Memorial Park, placement can be made in both crypts and glass front niches. Please take a look at our Riverside Mausoleum Gallery to learn more about these options.

Pines Mausoleum

Located at Pines Cemetery, the atrium crypts at Pines Mausoleum, offer indoor remembrance with a feeling of openness while taking advantage of nature’s natural lighting.  Please take a look at our Pines Mausoleum Gallery to learn more about our available options.    

Private Mausoleums

Private Mausoleums can be personally designed for  above ground entombments honoring one family to several generations. Please take a look at our Private Mausoleums Gallery, to learn more about these options contact a Family Service Representative at the office of your choice. 

Outdoor Options for Traditional Service

The beautiful outdoors of the Fairmount Memorial Cemeteries offer several options for casketed entombment.

Family Estates

A Family Estates designed to honor from a few to several generations provide a grandeur above ground entombment. To learn more about our Family Estates, please take a look at our Family Estate Gallery

Crypt Entombment

Crypt entombent in one of Fairmount Memorial's outdoor community mausoleum features allows for remembrance in serene garden and park settings. To learn more about our Crypt Entombment, please take a look at our Crypt Entombment Gallery. 

Ground Burial

The scenic grounds of Fairmount Memorial Association Parks give way to a peaceful and calm setting to honor and pay tribute. To learn more aboutTraditional Ground Burial, please take a look at our Ground Burial Gallery

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