South Pines Cemetery

13126  E. 32nd
Spokane Valley, WA  99206
(509) 926-2753

United by the common goal of serving the Spokane community, Fairmount Memorial Association is pleased to announce it has aquired the Opportunity Cemetery Association located at Pines Road and 16th Avenue, and at Highway 27 and 32nd Avenue in Spokane Valley.  Both are non-profit, community owned organizations that have served our area for many years.  The Fairmount Memorial Association was founded in 1888, while the Opportunity Cemetery Association started in 1910.  United by a common goal of serving the community; we have combined our resources enhancing our abilities to better meet the needs of our community.

Cremation Options at South Pines Cemetery

South Pines Cemetery currently has two options available for cremation memorialization.

  • Columbarium / Niches

  • Ground Burial

Casketed Option at South Pines Cemetery

  • Ground Burial

South Pines Cemetery Staff

  Isaac Freebairn Tim Cihal
  Family Service Representative Family Service Representative
  (509) 926-2753 (509) 926-2753
Services: Cremation Traditional / Casketed
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